This sensual romance re-release will have some readers nostalgic for the 80s era contemporary romances. The chemistry between Jake and Anne is steamy and their tale of childhood next-door neighbors turned adult lovers is sweet. However, the story may disappoint readers as much of what may have been considered sensual in the 1980s, now seems more like bad behavior on the Jake’s part. Some examples of this are when Jake unbuttons Anne’s dress at a party unbeknownst to her, when he barges into Anne’s home several times and when he uses her job as a pawn in the battle to get his way. Nonetheless, for readers who dream of being swept away, they will enjoy this trip through sunny Idaho.

Anne Blake is a buttoned up banker whose primary goal is to stay in control. The only thing out of order in her life is her long time love for wandering soul Jake Rivard. Now Jake is back in town and he’s not just asking Anne to take a chance on their love – he’s demanding it. Jake gets her boss’s okay and whisks Anne to Idaho claiming only she can be able to help “settle his finances.” However Anne has vowed that she won’t fall back into his arms any more. In this battle of the hearts how can there be a happy ending in store? (Carina Press, Nov. 2010, dl. $4.99)
*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard