The sixth book of Devlin's My Immortal Knight series not only reminds readers
of characters in the previous stories, but it also evokes compassion for them. While most vampire/werewolf stories contain intense sensuality, here it's awkward to read about how to deal with rogue werewolves on one page and then a hot sex scene on the next. However, there are more characters with untold stories, and they will, no doubt, prove
to be a pleasant read like this one.

As Dark Mountain's new sheriff, Alec Weir must deal with tension and hidden traitors in the midst of his werewolf clan. When his brother shows up with a vampire, Alec has to be creative to work with Max on a secret police case: An innocent human woman was killed, and the rogue werewolves responsible must be destroyed.

Stasia McGwyre is Alec's mate. She was his brother's lover for a long time, and he's not certain if she still cares for him. Good for the both of them when they discover what it takes to be happy. (, dl $5.20)
Reviewed by: 
Leigh Rowling