Image of The Silver Chain (Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 1)


Image of The Silver Chain (Unbreakable Trilogy, Book 1)

The debut of The Unbreakable Trilogy will trigger even the most adept erotica buff to blush and gasp at the appropriate scenes thinking, "Do people really even do that?!". Readers' chains will be yanked almost instantly as we join the main characters on their passionate journey together which is both and exciting and dripping with drama. Serena and Gustav are admirable personalities singularly, but as a team, one may feel a slight disconnection even though they share a major attraction for each other. Bond's novel is a bit mysterious and extremely steamy, but unfortunately it doesn't get revved up for a few chapters. Besides the minor setbacks, the author will gain popularity and fans looking forward to book two.

Owner of a prestigious London art gallery, Gustav Levi cannot take his eyes off of beautiful British photographer Serena Folkes, whom he spots taking photos during a night-time shoot. Their mutual attraction escalates, especially when he offers to feature her photography at the Levi Gallery, but only under one condition: Serena must submit to being Gustav's slave and wear a delicate silver chain marking her as his. But as their special relationship uncovers their tumultuous pasts, they both have a hard time keeping their situation picture perfect. (HARPER360, July 2013, dl., $1.99)

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Jaime A. Geraldi