Elizabeth Sheridan longs to be a top reporter on her fathers newspaper, the New York Courier News, but hell only assign her to cover stories for the 1890s society page. While shes leaving a grand hotel opening shes covering, Elizabeths carriage is invaded by Max Cassidy, a reporter for the True Detective Gazette whos running from minions of a floating crap game he was covering at the same hotel.

When she confronts him about his story, Max explains his less than truthful reporting as his effort to make a gangster pay money to a gambler injured by the gangsters men. Elizabeths wayward brother and the exciting stories of a not-quite-sane homeless prospector soon involve them in a journey to Colorado to search for a lost silver mine. Max and Elizabeth are locked in competition, each determined to report the best story. The gangster stakes the adventure so two of his goons follow the searchers, threatening their success with sudden death.

Cynthia Thomason packs lots of wild action into an adventure plot threaded with appealing romance. Some coincidental events need better support, however, and the facile resolution of the old prospectors murderous machinations doesnt seem plausible enough for the seriousness of his actions, nor for the era. SENSUAL (Mar., 319 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger