Image of Silver Falls


Image of Silver Falls

Atmospheric and tense, with a quick, sharp narrative and strongly drawn characters, this story keeps readers wanting more. But a lot of the action depends heavily on heroine Rachel's willful self-deception, which really grates after a while.

Giving up her nomadic lifestyle to marry college professor David Middleton is the mature thing to do -- and photographer Rachel Chapman is glad she made the change for her daughter's sake. But Rachel's relationship with David isn't everything it should be -- and things get worse when his black sheep brother, Caleb, suddenly appears.

A reporter, Caleb has returned to Silver Falls from abroad to stop a killer who's been hunting in the region for years. Rachel can't believe what Caleb's telling her -- that her sweet, kind husband could be the fiend he's looking for. But is she willing to stake her own life on her dwindling trust in David? (MIRA, May, 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer