When Noelle Bellencourt is stranded a few miles from her uncles home, she finds herself having to accept Luke Savages help. She has no idea that Lukes dead partner and her uncle are one and the same and that she is now the owner of the Silver Hearts Saloon.

With nowhere else to go, Noelle takes up residence in the saloon, allowing Luke to continue to run the gambling, while she plans on how to rebuild her life.

Spunky, bright, and beautiful, Noelle soon finds herself with two suitors; Luke and Mike OShea, the local lawyer, soon to be a candidate for governor. The men see winning her favor as a contest and will even resort to sabotage to win Noelles attention.

However, when Noelle decides to perform her familys magic act, she finds herself facing new difficulties. The local Indians believe she is a magic woman who can heal their chiefs son. Luke comes to the rescue and uses his medical skills to save the boys life.

Though Noelle knows she has fallen in love with Luke, convincing him that he is the man she wants isnt as easy as it would seem, especially when her uncle turns up very much alive.

There is humor and poignancy in this sweet and endearing romance. Jackie Manning gently touches our emotions and brings readers a charming respite from the winds of March with SILVER HEARTS. SENSUAL (Mar., 290 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin