For gripping drama and intense emotional suspense it just doesn't get any better than Christiane Heggan's latest offering SILVER LINING.

Restaurateur Diana Wells' life is full and happy, until the fateful day Travis Lindford and his powerful family decide to challenge her right to the custody of her beloved adopted son Zack. Years earlier, Travis dumped Diana's best friend Nadine when he discovered she was pregnant. Following Nadine's untimely death, Diana has loved, adopted and raised young Zack.

For years Travis has lived the life of a dilettante unfettered by responsibility, but now his mother has laid down the law; in order to inherit the Lindford Hotel chain Travis must marry and produce a child. Unfortunately for Travis, he is no longer able to have children. In desperation he latches onto the idea of challenging the adoption of Zack.

Knowing Travis' selfish personality, Diana will do whatever is necessary to keep her son safe...but murder? Diana soon finds herself the prime suspect when Travis is found dead. Her only hope lies with brilliant attorney Kane Sanders, but Kane has very old, very close ties to the Lindford family. Despite their intense attraction, can Diana trust him with her life?

With this new novel, Christiane Heggan proves she has firmly established herself as one of the best contemporary fiction authors in the business. A sensational story. (May, 400 pp., $4.99 )

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith