Image of Silver Lining


Image of Silver Lining

Maggie Osborne is renowned for writing touching stories of gritty, earthy, tender, independent woman. But none have been quite as endearing as Low Down.

A prospector like all the men in the mining camp, Louise Downe, aka Low Down, is the only person to stay and nurse the miners through a smallpox epidemic. The rough-and-tumble but goodhearted men want to give her something special for saving their lives. When asked her one wish, Low Down confesses that shed like a baby, but not a husband and not marriage.

Max McCord wins the lottery for Low Downs hand in a forced marriage. But Max is engaged to marry a real lady and destined for a comfortable life. Understanding his dilemma, Low Down proposes a temporary marriage that will last until she becomes pregnant.

But when Max brings his bride home everything takes new twists and their lives and plans are turned upside-down as a marriage of convenience bonds two people together to find their hearts desires. Maggie Osbornes gift is bringing us heartrending stories that burrow deep into our consciousness and never leave. SILVER LINING will make you believe in everything that is good and fair in the world. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., 6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin