Hired gunman, Range Conner (aka Nick Lander), has waited years to confront Garth Murdock. He'll have his vengeance, but must wait a little longer before he kills the man responsible for his mother's death. Garth has hired Range to protect him and his brother Jesse during a water rights dispute.

Range never counted on Garth's beautiful young wife, Candace, her crippled brother and sweet sister to come between him and his plan.

Married to Garth to fulfill her father's dying wish, Candace does not love her husband, but she will not betray him, even though she suspects he might have something to do with the accidents that plague her brother.

When the handsome, enigmatic Range arrives, her well ordered life is thrown into chaos. She is immediately drawn to him. The feeling is mutual and it is difficult for them to hide their feelings. Their emotions burst forth in a powerful clash of wills until passion overcomes their anger.

Now, more than ever, Range is determined to uncover the truth behind his mother's death, his father's disappearance, and to save Candace's brother from Murdock's plan before he can claim her for his own.

A solid, well written and cleverly plotted Western romance, SILVER LINING is packed with strong characters and a wild passion. The story's strength lies not only in the characters, but in the surprising plot twists and intriguing ending. A fast and exciting read. SENSUAL (June, 288 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin