Sara Turner has loved Geoffrey Stone-McMillan all her life. Even after he's broken her heart with a buxom redhead and run off to join the navy rather than be drafted into the Vietnam war, she can't forget him. When Geoff returns, Sara gives in to his passionate demands and finds a happiness she never knew existed. But the Geoff who's returned is a cold stranger who can hurt her with his taunts as well as ignite her with his caresses.

Geoff has loved Sara all his life and feels betrayed by her engagement to another man. It's that engagement that brings him home-though he'll never tell her. But his childhood playmate is now a beautiful woman who heats his blood to fever pitch. He chases her shamelessly, seduces her until she marries him instead of her fianc. Yet little do they know how the years will change them, how marriage will mold them and love conquer them.

This novel is an intimate portrait of marriage, painted with tears, laughter and love. (Mar., 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson