Image of Silver Mine (Takhini Wolves, Book 2)


Image of Silver Mine (Takhini Wolves, Book 2)

This second installment of the Takhini Wolves series is even more engaging than the first. Arend offers constant action and thrills, and her characters are so captivating and nuanced that readers will have a hard time guessing who the villains really are. With an appealing crossbreed hero and shifter heroine, this book is a keeper!

Chase Johnson is a shapeshifter who can become either a wolf or a cougar — but he never knows which animal will appear. A staunch protector of others, he’s the spokesman for the outcast shifters in the area surrounding his beautiful log cabin in the Yukon Territory. On his yearly excursion to Whitehorse for supplies, he meets Shelley Bradley, a veterinarian who’s about to open up a new practice. Shelley has recently overcome a crisis of confidence: She’s a shifter who can’t shift. But when Chase shows up at her office with a tough- to-heal injury, Shelley has a whole new set of challenges to face: tracking down the animal who wounded Chase and maybe even losing her heart. (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor