Image of The Silver Moon Elm (Jennifer Scales, Book 3)


Image of The Silver Moon Elm (Jennifer Scales, Book 3)

Unlike her light and humorous Undead series, Davidson's collaborative series with husband Alongi is much darker and filled with teenage angst. This exceptional series explores tough themes and lessons for all ages and provides terrific drama and adventure. First-rate talent makes this a collaboration to be savored!

High school is tough enough for Jennifer Scales, the half-dragon/half-beaststalker, without adding supernatural politics. Born from two ancient enemies, Jennifer wants to prove to weredragons, were-arachnids and beaststalkers that killing each other is not the answer and that, like her own friends, they can all get along. Jennifer's snarky sense of humor is sometimes the only thing that helps her cope in a world gone mad.

Life as Jennifer knows it comes crashing down when a powerful spell cast by the were-arachnids changes history and wipes out Jennifer's family. The only reason Jennifer is not eliminated is thanks to a necklace given to her by her former boyfriend, were-arachnid Skip. Now Jennifer must find a way to restore history and all those she knew and loved -- hopefully before she is discovered and destroyed by the new powers in existence. (BERKLEY JAM, Jun., 355 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith