Rancho de las Manzanitas is home to a large extended family eagerly awaiting Tay Nashoba's visit. Tay is running for Principal Chief of the Choctaw Nation and he needs a Choctaw wife. Cotannah Chisk-Ko, Tay's sister's best friend, hopes she'll be that bride, but when Tay arrives, his attention is drawn to Emily Harrington, Cotannah's friend.

Emily is a woman born for loving and giving, caring for everyone around her. She's engaged to marry the ranch foreman, but the electricity that leaps between Emily and Tay is unlike anything she has experienced.

When Cotannah is captured by bandits, Tay and Emily work together to rescue her, but Cotannah's fragile emotional state after the abduction provides another barrier to keep Tay and Emily apart.

They fight the attraction that's unthinkable for both of them, but feelings aren't easily controlled. Tay must choose between love and duty while Emily faces the loss of her dearest friend.

This second volume in Genell Dellin's Choctaw Trilogy combines passionate romance and the powerful sense of duty. Her powerfully drawn characters bring this conflict to life. SENSUAL (Dec., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce