Image of The Silver Queen


Image of The Silver Queen

Coleman brings the real west to life
in stories as exciting and bold as any
work of fiction. This rags-to-riches
biography of a forgotten woman is a banquet of adventure, with true grit and history that's earthy and feminist. Readers will feel empowered by Coleman's women and encouraged
to seek out their strengths and triumph.

When Augusta Pierce marries Horace "Haw" Tabor, she has no idea of the turns her life will take. Gold fever sends the newlyweds to West Kansas territory (Colorado). For the next 20 years the Tabors move through the silver- mining towns of the territory, as miners, shopkeepers, postmasters and bankers.

When things get tough, Augusta goes to work in the mines. When she and Haw strike it rich, she maintains her frugal roots, while he takes a liking to wealth and fame. That's when Elizabeth McCourt, "Baby Doe," enters their lives, setting the stage for one of the most famous love triangles in western history.

Haw divorces Augusta in order to secretly marry Baby Doe, then makes the move into politics. Though he leaves Augusta behind, she never stops lov-ing him -- nor does she lose her integrity, drive or passion for life. (Leisure, Jan., 288 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin