What better way to settle a land dispute between two families who have hated each other for generations than by joining them in marriage? So decrees Queen Anne, and Lord Simon Hawkesmoor and Lady Ariel Ravenspeare are to be joined in holy wedlock.

Battle scarred and weary, Simon wants nothing more than to live on his lands in peace. Ariel has no choice but to acquiese to the wedding. Raised to loath anything about the Hawkesmoor, she finds Simon to be not only a formidable opponent, but a surprisingly attractive man. Will Ariel be a pawn in her brothers' quest for vengeance or will she let her heart rule where it will?

A spin-off of The Diamond Slipper, THE SILVER ROSE is the story of a second charm on the fascinating serpent bracelet, a silver and ruby rose and the long, lost secret it holds. Another keeper from this mega-talented author. SENSUAL (Aug., 358 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond