Rebecca Brennan begs an acquaintance to take her child far away from Park City, Utah. The child must never return to Park City or know her background or she will die. After her adoptive parents' death years later, a restoration project brings Kyra Kirtland back to the city of her birth. From the start Kyra has disturbing dreams. She must also confront her painful past when ex-fianc Mac Connor suddenly reappears.

Mac's didn't desert Kyra because of a lack of love, but for fear of her life. His former partner Alek suffered horrible loss with the murder of his fiance. Alek has become a killer who blames Mac and will destroy those whom Mac loves.

Kyra has an even deadlier problem on her hands. An evil entity called the Silver Shadow has sworn vengeance on all descendants of Hallie Stern, the woman who killed him. To regain his mortal life, the Shadow must kill the last of Hallie's descendants.

The Mountain lies at the center of both sets of problems. The Shadow's remains and souls of his victims are trapped in an old mining shaft. Mac's former employers need him to do one last ecological clean up job by sealing up the Mountain and its potentially dangerous mutated experiment. Will anyone come out of the Mountain alive?

SILVER SHADOW is a unique if slightly disjointed supernatural tale that combines man-made horrors with the paranormal. (May, 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith