Demonstrating she is a force to be reckoned with in a variety of genres, Andrews returns to the world of the Kinsmen (first introduced in “Silent Blade”) to produce a sexy and exciting futuristic novella. “Silver Shark” has all the hallmarks of an Andrews tale, good pacing, terrific action and well-rounded characterization, plus it is set in a highly cool universe. Andrews is an auto-buy no matter what the genre!

Having been conscripted at 14 to fight in the war between the Melko and Brodwyn companies, Claire Shannon finds herself on the losing end of the Uley war. Knowing she will be killed if she is identified as a Grade-A Psycher, Claire eliminates herself from the database and hides her abilities. She is deported to the planet Rada and must find a job or be returned to Uley to die. Claire gets hired as the executive assistant to Venturo Escana, the powerful Psycher and head of Guardian, Inc. Now Claire must hide who and what she is from the man she finds dangerously attractive. (SELF-PUBLISH, Sept. 2011, dl. $2.99)

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