Image of Silver Silence


Image of Silver Silence

Nash beautifully presents another slice of the Arthurian legend featuring characters with great depth. She seamlessly merges the hero's and heroine's maturation with Druid legends as they move 300 years, from 165 A.D., to help to ensure Arthur's birth. This tale, full of adventure and romance, will suck you in and be long remembered. As it moves to its startling and totally unexpected conclusion, readers will gasp for breath.

Rhys, a Druid, is tasked with finding surviving Druids and returning them to Avalon. He is forbidden from giving his heart to any woman. Because of this, Breena, a seer who has loved Rhys for years, goes to a sacred place to pray.

There she meets Myrddin, who convinces her to help him save Igraine, a woman of the Light. Rhys follows Breena's trail and travels forward in time to find her. Meanwhile, Breena uncovers a plot against Igraine, and Rhys agrees to help reunite Igraine with her beloved Uther. When Rhys admits how much he loves Breena, their relationship reaches an unimaginable intensity. (LOVE SPELL, Nov., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin