For Zara Mitchell, the nightmares began the day the aliens landed. After stopping a nuclear war and introducing themselves, alien Observers were sent into human society. When she comes face to face with one, Zara realizes that her nightmares may not be what they seem. That day, someone tries to kill her.

Caelan is an Observer but looks almost human. He can't remember his past, but his earliest memory is of a human female. After much searching, he finds Zara, certain that she will fulfill a prophesy sent to him in a dream. Running from an alien trying to kill them, Zara and Caelan piece together past events. As their forced friendship deepens into romance, Zara discovers the truth at the root of her nightmares.

Klemstein tells Zara's story in the first person and does a great job with the narrative. The aliens and the reaction they provoke on Earth are believable, and readers will care about Zara. The ending, though, is too quickly resolved, leading one to hope for a sequel. (Sep. '04., 281 pp., $16.50)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice