SILVER TOMORROWS is an engrossing tale of spiritual rebirth and forgiveness, frailties, strength and hopes. Royle and Emily story restores one's faith in true love.

While traveling through Colorado, Emily Fergeson is caught in an earthquake. When she crawls out of the mountain crevice she is unaware that she has traveled back in time.

Teigue Jackson and his nephew Royle Tremaine have been mining silver for years. They are surprised to find Emily and even more surprised by her strange tale. Royale distrusts her, believing she is involved in a plot to steal their silver. Teigue however, senses something special about the strange young woman.

When Emily realizes she has traveled through time, she believes it is her destiny to have a second chance. Teigue is fast becoming the father she dreamed of and, despite her differences with Royle, she is deeply attracted to him.

Emily proves herself to Royle, yet he is bound to the past with his vow to reclaim his ancestral Virginia home, lost during the Civil War. He has worked at acquiring a fortune so he can return and marry a girl from an old family and restore his home to its former glory.

(May, 343 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox