Ever since his ancestral home, Bonheur, was lost, Renold Harden has plotted his revenge against Edward Carew. Renold finds Carew's daughter, Angelica, to be the ideal pawn; he will wed and bed the beauty and gain Bonheur.

Traveling with her father and her betrothed on a river boat, Angelica finds an intense chemistry with this handsome, bold stranger. When the boat explodes, Renold rescues Angelica and marries her when she has no opportunity to refuse.

Despite her ambivalence towards her enigmatic husband, Angelica finds herself drawn into a searing, joyful love, even when she suffers despair at the loss of her father.

On the verge of realizing his dreams, Renold begins to love Angelica, putting his scheme in jeopardy. He has lied and betrayed her while she has loved him with a passion beyond words. How will he reclaim her love when the truth is revealed?

The beauty of Jennifer Blake's prose flows over you like a magnolia-scented breeze lifting you into her story of duplicity, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption. Jennifer Blake proves again why she is a superstar. SENSUAL (Jan., 336 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin