Alice Borchardt moves into the paranormal with a lush, richly crafted tale of a female werewolf. She lives in a turbulent, decadent era surrounded by treachery and greed, yet she is powerful enough to do more than just survive; she conquers.

Regeanes father died almost as soon as she was born, and her mother follows some years later, leaving her malicious uncle as her guardian. She can trace her ancestry to Charlemagne through her mother, and she inherited the ability to shapeshift from her father. Only when the wolf within comes alive is she freed from the bonds of her uncles tyranny.

Betrothed to a man she has never met, a foreign barbarian lord, Regeane fears marriage. Yet if she does not comply, her uncle will turn her over to the Church and reveal her secret.

By a wondrous trick of fate, Regeane is befriended by the famous courtesan Lucilla; her brilliant, gentle leper son Antonious; the Saxon Elfgifa; and even Pope Hardian as she is caught between the forces trying to destroy Rome. It isnt until she meets others of her kind that Regeane fully understand what it means to be a wolf/woman, a true lady to her people and wife to the one meant to be her true love.

With intricate detailing and hypnotic prose, Alice Borchardt unleashes a new world to readers in her carefully crafted tale, which brims with unique characters and a mesmerizing plot. Ms. Borchardt minces no words as she lures readers into a decadent society filled with brutality and ruthless scheming. You become a part of the story due to her incredible ability to re-create a time and place with astounding, vibrant imagery. This is the book Ms. Borchardt was meant to write.

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin