Actress Tracy Collins is set to star in a new film that will change her romantic-comedy queen image. Set in Regency England, she looks forward to shooting on the sprawling estate of Silverbridge. While the lord of the manor, Harry Oliver, remains aloof, his younger sister Meg is fascinated by Tracy and the movie.

From the moment she arrives, Tracy begins having startling visions of the past. And fire becomes a menacing threat when first the hotel where Tracy and the crew are staying and then the stables at Silverbridge burn down. With rooms at a premium, the producer arranges for Tracy and leading man Jon Melbourne to stay at Silverbridge.

Harry Oliver desperately needs the fees to help with the upkeep of the estate. Harry also finds his attraction to Tracy most disconcerting. He's been the victim of tabloid press in the past and hooking up with a world-famous actress is bound to make him even more of a target. But when the "accidents" around the estate grow more serious, Harry and Tracy start to wonder if there is a sinister purpose behind them.

The always-awesome Joan Wolf ventures into single-title contemporary novels and proves she is a master in any format or genre. (May, 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith