Christina Delaney has always been trouble. After her latest escapade, Cole Morgan, who was chosen by the Historical Preservation Society to go to England to retrieve a copy of the Texas Declaration of Independence, must also deliver Christina to her grandfather in England.

Chrissy leaves for England earlier than planned, bringing a widow and two small children with her. Her grandfather is so happy to see her that he does not sternly discipline her for taking off unaccompanied. Cole, however, feels quite different. He arrives in England furious with Chrissy, who decides that she is going to help Cole look for the Declaration of Independence.

While trying to find out about the Declaration, Chrissy gets herself engaged to Viscount Welby. Cole is incensed and tries to get her to break the engagement. Neither realizes that they are in love with the other. Even when Cole finally gives in to his feelings, Chrissy refuses to marry him.

If things werent upside down enough, her mother and brother show up to try and convince Chrissy to marry Cole. Meanwhile she has been busy setting up a Texas Society in England and searching for the Declaration. When Chrissy gets in over her head, she knows deep in her heart that Cole will find her. It is then that she realizes that if she can trust him with her life, she can trust him with her heart.

Once again Geralyn Dawson has come up with a winner. Chrissy Delaney is a strong and independent woman, while Cole is a handsome cowboy lawyer who is equally at home in the drawing rooms of England or a barn dance. Great verbal sparring, delightfully funny at times and also extremely touching at points. Geralyn Dawson touches your heart and your funny bone. SENSUAL (Jan., 390 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager