Image of Simple Faith (The Peacemakers)


Image of Simple Faith (The Peacemakers)

The writing and feel of Simple Faith are just that — simple — yet the book draws the reader in with every subsequent chapter. This reviewer was torn between who to root for just as Anja was torn between who to love. The story ends in an unexpected way because of all the tragedy and obstacles everyone faces on their way to freedom. Readers will hate to see the story end. Let’s hope Schmidt has more in store for these characters.

Losing her husband and daughter and then spending time in the Sobibor death camp have left Anja Steinberg with a passion to help others in need during the war. Anja’s Quaker faith and her passion as a member of the resistance help her find happy endings for Allied airmen when tragedy strikes. But who will help Anja find hers? There’s Mikel, whom she has grown fond of through her work with the resistance, or Peter, a downed airman whom she’s attracted to more than any of the others she’s helped to safety. Anja must decide between duty and love. (BARBOUR, Mar., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Michele Hagenlock