Image of A Simple Hope: A Lancaster Crossroads Novel


Image of A Simple Hope: A Lancaster Crossroads Novel

The Lancaster Crossroads series continues with a tale that weaves an enduring love story with Amish family dynamic elements that feel true to the culture. A true abiding love that weathers through sickness and health is a central theme here and it works well. The ending doesn’t feel forced nor does it feel compelled to wrap everything up perfectly. A truly enjoyable read that will remind readers of God’s promises and how love can sustain through the difficult times.

After a terrible tragedy that took the use of his legs, James Lapp is confined to a wheelchair. James is struggling with helping his family’s orchard business while weighing his future with Rachel King. Rachel was the girl that he had intended to marry before the accident. James might have lost faith in what they could have had together, but Rachel hasn’t, and she won’t let James give up on them. With so many uncertainties, James and Rachel find that they have to trust in God to see them through the journey that each of them is on. But will they decide to travel it separately? (BALLANTINE, Mar., 352 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Susannah Balch