Readers will enjoy getting to know Evan who is attentive and sexy. They will also appreciate that the straightforward, albeit love-shy, Morgan doesn’t play games. This pair is such a cute, normal couple that there's little drama to break up the scene. But if you want a contemporary romance with extra spice, then look no further because these two really know how to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Morgan is envious of her two best friends who have both found true love while she can’t even get a good date, much less a committed man. While she's on one in a long string of blind dates, Morgan is in an accident and hits her head. When help arrives in the form of paramedic Evan, she is immediately drawn to him. Although he has a strict "no dating patients" rule, after Morgan is declared healthy, nothing stands in the way of the two of them acting on their mutual lust. Morgan and Evan quickly fall into an easy routine, but Morgan gets spooked by how fast things are moving. Is this relationship with great sex with an interesting and complex man too good to be true? Love doesn’t happen this quickly, or maybe it does, but Morgan doesn’t know if she can stick around long enough to find out. (SAMHAIN, Aug. 2011, dl., $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne