Image of Simply The Best (Zebra Contemporary Romance)


Image of Simply The Best (Zebra Contemporary Romance)

This good story is about two best
friends who find love right under
their noses. The discoveries they make
about themselves and those around them add to an emotional, heartwarming romance. But the ages of some
of the characters and the timespan
covered are a bit confusing.

Mack Douglas and Alexandra Kenner have been friends for 22 years, and Mack has always seen Alex as just a friend, until recently. He even imagines they might be something more -- until he realizes that Alex has succumbed to the marriage bug, which isn't for him.

Alex, meanwhile, is trying to renovate her house, discover what's wrong with her best friend's marriage and get the story that will make her career as a features reporter. She also realizes she wants more than friendship with Mack -- something she knows he would never accept. And then things get even more complicated. (Zebra, Dec., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley