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Image of Simply Forbidden (House of Pleasure)


Image of Simply Forbidden (House of Pleasure)

Pearce’s House of Pleasure series continues with this intense, thought-provoking Regency-era novel that will cause you to ponder the events that shape people’s lives. The complex, troubled characters struggle with issues of abandonment, betrayal, trust and family relationships as they come to terms with their sexual proclivities. You get a great historical novel, a touching romance and blistering sex — with a little kink.

After his release as a prisoner of war, Gabriel returns to England a wounded and broken man. Barely alive and accused of giving military secrets to the French, Gabriel loses control of the Swanfield estate to his greedy uncle. Gabriel lives in rented lodging and frequents Madame Helene’s pleasure house. Then Gabriel meets Helene’s daughter Lisette who, although raised in a French convent, has an unconventional family — and an unconventional attitude about love and sexual exploration. These two tortured souls learn to trust and to love each other, as Gabriel clears his name and learns to accept his sexual desires. (APHRODISIA, Feb., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan