In a small, prosperous Colorado mining town, young, lively, loving Cassandra (Cassie) Zerek hopes and dreams of devoting herself to the church once her youngest brother has grown to manhood. Meanwhile, she cares for her father and brothers, reads to the children and enjoys life with an innocence that is contagious.

Cynical, hardened mine owner Luke Taggert finds Cassie breathtakingly beautiful and something else; something he cannot name, but must possess. Luke plots to find a way to get Cassie into his home and, hopefully, into his bed. To this end, he has her father and older brother put in jail on trumped-up charges and then blackmails Cassie (and her little brother) into moving into his home as a "companion."

In her na vet, Cassie believes all Luke needs is a companion, and with her staunch belief in the magic of the three little words-"I love you"-she's going to turn a frog, who has been pretending to be a prince, into a man with a heart.

Luke uses everything from his wealth to conniving to lure Cassie, but he's in for a big surprise when he discovers both what she really wants from him and how he manages to give it to her.

SIMPLY LOVE is so beautiful a romance that words cannot do Catherine Anderson and her book justice. This touching, compassionate, sensitive story brings out the best in us, just as Cassie brings out the best in Luke. This is not a story you'll quickly forget or one that will gather dust on your shelf. Pick up SIMPLY LOVE whenever you need to reaffirm your beliefs or just when you need to feel good. SENSUAL (March, 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin