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Image of Simply Magic

Kathleen Kane brings her special brand of magic to this delightful, enchanting and warmhearted story of what can happen when wishes come true.

When ex-Federal Marshal Riley Burnett stops to help a tinker with his wagon, he never expects a gift like the one the strange little man gives him in a riddle, but it all begins to make sense after Phoebe Hightower arrives in Rimshot, Nevada.

All Phoebe wants is to be warm.

Destitute, with only her butler for company, Phoebe meets a tinker he grants her four wishes for saving his life. Before she knows it she has inherited a hotel in Rimshot and is headed west, where it's warm.

But wishes come with a price: for Phoebe, it's the hostile, embittered Riley, who's come home to run the local saloon and care for his small daughter.

Phoebe completely disrupts his life, but he can't stop thinking about her. When his daughter begins to prefer Phoebe over him, he's is torn between anger and growing passion. The couple has to work together to prepare the saloon and hotel for the expected traffic from the new railroad.

Phoebe has little idea of how to help Riley and his daughter, but she has three more wishes and the unexpected arrival of the tinker to help her. Though some of her wishes aren't thought out, Phoebe's choices may be what bring her and Riley together in a magical kind of love.

Laughter tempered with poignancy is Kathleen Kane's hallmark. If you want to feel that tingle down to your toes, then rush out to get yourself a copy of SIMPLY MAGIC. (June, 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin