Image of Simply Scandalous (House of Pleasure)


Image of Simply Scandalous (House of Pleasure)

The House of Pleasure has thrown open the doors to all manner of pleasure and debauchery and, in this installment, Madame Helene is in her element. The story flows like a river, and the characters are so in tune with their world that readers will love them all from the first page to the last.

Emily Ross has been in love with Ambrose for years and wants him to be her one and only, but Ambrose fears his race and class are a barrier to them being together. Meanwhile, Richard Ross is at a crossroads in his life. Although no longer a spy, he is asked to protect twins Jack and Vincent Lennox. But Vincent is really Violet, who was once Richard’s lover. When blackmail threatens Emily, Richard falls into harm’s way and new problems arise for Madame, the House of Pleasure family must draw together to save the day, and one another’s hearts. (APHRODISIA, Jan., 328 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis