Jeffries' novel immediately garners interest. Unfortunately, it gradually relinquishes its grip on readers.

Upon introduction, gorgeous bounty hunter Jordan Chandler immediately affects Isabel on a very basic level. But Isabel has a distaste for bounty hunters, and Jordan's casual suavity gets her back up. Jordan is, alternately, sure that Isabel is perfect for him, but his plan to avenge his deceased, drug-addicted sister may cause a rift in this new relationship.

This book is fractured by comments from an obviously confused and overwhelmed Isabel that come seemingly out of nowhere. In addition, the characters fail to make any sense; improbabilities are present throughout. Jeffries' writing makes it difficult to relate to either character and causes much frustration.

Isabel is a bundle of contradictions and, while Jordan is a dedicated sweetheart, the two don't appear seem compatible. Jeffries is brilliant at providing brief glimpses of wonderful secondary characters, but she fails to focus on her hero and heroine's interactions, so their feelings appear convoluted and, occasionally, twisted. (Apr., 220 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Aisha Cargile