Image of Sin and Surrender (League of the Blade)


Image of Sin and Surrender (League of the Blade)

Latham’s medieval is a story full of emotional depth, destined to move readers who will be enraptured by the historical backdrop as well as the deeply touching love story between honorable characters. This is a book that’s not easily forgotten.

When Paul Hilliard’s parents are killed, he and his brothers are rescued by the League of the Blade and he’s raised by one of its members. Years later he overhears a fragment of conversation that implies that the League believes the end justifies the means, no matter who gets hurt. He resigns from the Blades and leaves England.

Upon his return he is summoned by his “father” and asked to help the League by protecting the king against an assassination plot. His bodyguard on the mission is Juliana Gresham, who was once his student. Juliana is to protect him, something he finds incredible. More surprising is the desire that sparks between them. As their actions lead them closer to a traitorous nobleman, Paul must let Juliana do her job while still protecting her. This results in a dramatic and thrilling climax. (AVON, Jan., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin