To win her parents' approval, bad girl Diana Marsh trades in her wicked ways for a halo. Unfortunately, Diana's long-distance co-worker, Marc, puts her newfound good-girl oath to the test with his tempting X-rated telephone calls and e-mails.

When a business trip sends her to Marc's Las Vegas office, Diana decides to be a bad girl one last time. She and Marc discover a whole new world of voyeurism, bondage and steamy ménages ˆ trois. This daring couple pushes sexual limits and finds decadent pleasure—and a little something extra.

Alexander continues her Hot in the City trilogy with a true scorcher. Although the second tale, this provocative read stands alone wonderfully. This dynamic couple sets fire to the pages as they embark on one erotic adventure after another. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell