Larissa Nielsen never intended to tell Jacob Danforth that he had a son, but a meddling reporter has left her no alternative. If he's going to find out— and the reporter promises he will— then Jacob's going to hear it from her, not the morning paper. Jacob is used to living in the media spotlight; his father's political career made that a way of life from a very young age. Still, he doesn't intend to let anything stand in the way of being a father to the son he just found out he had. At the insistence of his father's media secretary, Jacob and Larissa find themselves in Vegas for a quick wedding, and soon discover neither of them wants the marriage to be in name only. Katherine Garbera offers readers a well-written story of love and second chances. SIN CITY WEDDING (4) easily lives up to the predecessors in the Danforth miniseries.
Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck