Image of Sin Undone (Demonica, Book 5)


Image of Sin Undone (Demonica, Book 5)

Fans of the Demonica series finally get their wish! It’s time for Sin, a seminus demon with a wicked mouth, a nasty profession, a hidden heart of gold and a need for … well, sex, to get her story. She finally meets her match and it’s a wicked ride. Tense, sexy and touching, only Ione can blend such feelings into a comprehensive and complicated story. There’s a lot going on here but Ione pulls it off, giving readers another truly great read.

Sin has inadvertently unleashed a virus that is killing werewolves. The virus starts a political firestorm and serves as the perfect weapon for nefarious agendas. Desperate to save the werewolf population, Sin puts her trust in her newfound family. On top of that, some want to punish her for starting the plague, and her assassins want her dead so they can take her place as leader of the Assassin’s Guild. Connal Dearghul, aka Con, has been charged with bringing in Sin. But they have a past, and are bound by blood and lust. Con must decide whether to follow his orders or to help Sin; he’s the only one who can. Their lives are in danger, and only one of them may survive. (GRAND CENTRAL, Sep., 432 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton