This is book one of Willingham’s new Forbidden Vikings duet. It’s a tale of forbidden love, honor and courage. Two enemies must rely on each other for their survival — in more ways than one. Memorable characters and exciting plot twists make this one worth hanging on to.

Caragh O’Brannon and her tribe are slowly starving to death. When a Viking ship is spotted, her brother decides to capture it and sell it for profit, which is how she ends up with a Viking prisoner. Styr Hardrata had great hope that a new land would mean a new beginning for his marriage, but before they could start anew they were captured and separated. Styr is determined to find his wife and men — and will keep Caragh at his side until he does. Neither is prepared for the passion that ignites between them, or the guilt that keeps them apart. (HARLEQUIN, Aug., 288 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer