Joanna Mitchell cant forget the tall, handsome stranger whod watched her across the grave at the funeral of murdered acquaintance, Sheila James. Shes even more disturbed when she learns that the unknown man whos been leaving messages for her with everyone she knows is the stranger. He was also Sheilas husband. She doesnt want to trust him, but the dangerous attraction that sears them is also pulling them to an inevitable, sensual end.

Trevor Jackson isnt happy that the beautiful tape librarian of a local Philadelphia TV station is also the woman who may have the answers he needs concerning Sheila. His attraction to Joanna complicates his mission. Although he hates the lies hes told her, he can never be the man for her. He warns Joanna not to build her dreams on their physical attractionhe will love her and leave her. But Trevors frustration is tinged with relief when Joanna ignores his warning, assuring him hes one of the most honest, caring men she knows.

Joanna helps Trevor search for his wifes personal documents, never realizing shed find a startling truth about herself: despite her stagnant engagement to a local television celebrity, Joanna learns shed never known honest, selfless, earth-shattering love until she spent a night in Trevors arms. As their relationship intensifies, Joanna and Trevor are trapped in a dangerous world where the familiar is strange and the unknown is the safe harbor. Only their love can conquer the army of lies, secrets, and betrayals that surround them. In finding Sheilas killer, they find the truth and essence of love.

SINCERELY YOURS is a love story of sensual twists and jagged turns that drags the reader crying and cheering to the rousing end of a unique story. I have read and admired Ms. Kitts romances for years, but this story will launch her into a new class of excellence. (Mar., 288 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson