Image of A Sinful Alliance


Image of A Sinful Alliance

Scandal, seduction, spies, counter spies, murder, love and loyalty are skillfully woven into the tapestry of
the Tudor court. Richly detailed and brimming with historical events
and personages, McCabe's tale
weaves together history and
passion perfectly.

Marguerite Dumas, the spy known as the Emerald Lily, has been sent to assassinate Russian spy Nicolai Ostrovsky. She fails, but one meeting has her hoping for another.

They meet again at Henry VIII's court, where she's a member of the French delegation and he's with the Spanish court. Their loyalties are tested as the fires of passion burst into flames. Both know they're playing a dangerous game, and their lives are at stake should anyone discover their liaison. Like Romeo and Juliet, they devise a scheme to be together forever, but their enemies plot their destruction. (Harlequin, Apr., 300 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin