Image of Sinful Between the Sheets (Carlisle Family, Book 2)


Image of Sinful Between the Sheets (Carlisle Family, Book 2)

Pierce continues her rise to sensual romance stardom and lets her talents soar as she lures you into a powerful story that sizzles yet touches your deepest emotions. The second title in her enticing series pairs extraordinary characters in a sexually charged situation that allows you to explore a few fantasies of your own.

His father's sudden death on his latest mistress's bedroom floor thrusts Fayne Carlisle into the role of the Duke of Solitea and the fear that the infamous Solitea curse will follow him and destroy any chance he has for marital bliss. Lady Kilby Fitchwolf has arrived for the season, and Fayne wonders if the innocent-looking, violet-eyed girl could have been the reason for his father's demise. Was she really his father's mistress? Curiosity draws him to Kilby, and the more he's near her, the more he desires her, and suddenly nothing will stop him from possessing her.

Kilby has dark secrets best left hidden, and falling under Fayne's sensual spell could mean her ruin. But she can't stop herself from dreaming of his smile and their stolen kisses. The delicious cat-and-mouse game that follows and the passion that simmers until it boils over move their story to an exciting and unexpected gothic climax that will leave you breathless. (St. Martin's, Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin