Image of Sinful Harvest (Onic Empire)


Image of Sinful Harvest (Onic Empire)

We return to the Onic Empire — which is not a good place to live. The main plotline is intriguing, but the story is at times overshadowed by McLeod’s elaborate worldbuilding, which has too many rules, prophecies, unexplained terms and superfluous details. While sensitive readers may enjoy some of the sex scenes, they should be aware that Onic is a dark place of torment.

In a society with rigid rules and an emphasis on sex, Kerrick and Ariss are both harvesters who ritually bed virgins to usher them into adulthood. Ariss, who became a harvester to escape the machinations of her controlling father, is swept away by her sexual feelings during the prescribed monthly mating with her counterpart Kerrick, and wants more. When she sneaks into Kerrick’s room they are interrupted, and each is punished in a cruel manner. Things go from bad to worse when Kerrick is possessed by a god who wants to train Ariss to enjoy pain as part of her sexual encounters. (APHRODISIA, Feb., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan