There's nothing quite like a rake who meets his match and Hunter plays that plotline like a virtuoso. She pits her bright and sexy characters in a game of wits and words just for our pleasure. The Boscastle family members are ideal
for her lighthearted scheme and you'll
be irresistibly drawn into their delightful world.

Devon Boscastle attends Lord Fernshaw's house party, solely for the opportunity to share a willing widow's bed. Then he bumps into Jocelyn Lyndbury, the quiet young lady he dismissed long ago.

Jocelyn is now a beautiful woman whose cynical wit and snappy conversation captivate Devon. Jocelyn is expecting a proposal from her suitor, Adam, so why is she so fascinated by Devon?

Before a masked ball Jocelyn and Devon receive messages. Jocelyn thinks Adam is about to propose while Devon believes he's meeting the widow. After one intimate moment Jocelyn discovers her mystery lover is Devon. Society rules they will wed.

Devon courts Jocelyn and becomes a surprisingly jealous fiance. But it isn't until they're wed and danger threatens her that Devon realizes the true depth of his love. It's so much fun to watch the marriage-hating male be tamed by an intelligent, charming woman. (Ivy, Nov., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin