Long ago, Lady Alissende de Montague and Damien de Ashby were young lovers -- until she publicly spurned him. In his anger over her betrayal, Damien joined the Templar Knights. But the French Inquisition closes in on the Templars and Damien is imprisoned by the ruthless Inquisition leaders until Alissende pays for his release.

A widow in fear of being forced to wed, Alissende's only hope is a proxy marriage to Damien. She realizes he may well despise her for their bitter parting, but what choice does either of them have? As Damien and Alissende reclaim their lost love and begin to rebuild a tenuous relationship, the enemy waits for an opportunity to destroy them.

McCall recreates the atmosphere of the 14th century with its political intrigues and danger, and puts it into a novel as romantic and exciting as a tournament in the movie A Knight's Tale. This is the stuff of legends and great romance. SENSUAL (Jun., 380 pp., $5.99)
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