The Rarest Blooms third member blossoms as Hunter brilliantly mixes a bit of mystery with a strong cast of unforgettable characters into a sensual love story. A master storyteller, Hunter easily lures readers into the web she spins, leaving them completely satisfied from beginning to end.

As the daughter of the famed courtesan Alessandra, Celia Pennifold has been educated in the art of seduction. Unwilling to follow her mother’s “calling,” Celia escapes. But when Alessandra dies, Celia inherits her mother’s property, including a small house in London where she intends to live. But Celia has no idea her mother had a tenant, the handsome Jonathan Albrighton. Jonathan’s mission had been to uncover evidence that Alessandra passed information on to the enemy during the Napoleonic Wars, but now he is inclined to uncover Celia’s hidden passion. Her mother’s debts, and desire to learn her father’s identity, combined with her surprising passion for Jonathan, force Celia into using her mother’s lures to ensnare the man she wants. (JOVE, Oct., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin