Sinclairs powerful father has sent him to find a missing diplomat. Like Sayra, he finds himself in the powerful masters fortress as a guest who will service the harems newest passion slave.

The lustful attraction between Sayra and Sinclair is instantaneous, as is their mutual desire to escape. While indulging their desires, Sayra and Sinclair uncover a horrible secret and escape before they become victims of the masters bloodlust.

On the run, they travel through the desert, to Rumania, the Balkans and back to England in search of the facts about a legendary man, Ferec, and the horrific stories of death he leaves in his wake.

Their sizzling need for one another drives them to stay together and masquerade as husband and wife. They dredge up a startling and most frightening secret from the past to save themselves and their future from monsters like Ferec.

This time, the Queen of American Erotic Romance blends the heated sensuality of the finest Victorian erotic novels with the suspense and chilling aura of an Anne Rice tale. Those select readers who thrill to both heated pleasure and titillating terror will find themselves unable to put SINFUL SECRETS down. Dont miss this steamy one-night read! SPICY (Reissue, Jan., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin