This tale of a man destined to live a cursed existence has a few interesting twists and a nasty villain to provide spine-tingling mystery and conflict. There's explosive passion between
the couple and steamy animalistic sex, but the plot gets lost in the numerous sex scenes, which include F/F, anal, oral, voyeurism and mating with a shapeshifter.

Devra abandons her abusive boyfriend while sailing in the Caribbean. Then she's shipwrecked during a storm and ends up on a secluded island where she's rescued by Gannon and his sister. Gannon, cursed since birth, is a man by day and a tiger by night. He and Devra are attracted to each other, and Gannon's tiger forces him to mate with her, but Gannon is afraid he'll hurt her, and he wants her to leave the island. Can Devra heal him before she ends up dead like his first mate? (LOOSE-ID.net, dl $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski