SINGLE DAD’S TRIPLE TROUBLE (4) by Fiona Lowe: Doctors Elly Ruddock and Gabe Lewis had it all. They worked together, traveled together and were completely compatible in every way but one. Elly yearned to settle down and start a family while Gabe wanted to see the world, so they split up. Now, two years later, a lot has changed. Elly has moved to a tiny coastal hamlet on the island of Tasmania. She has not forgotten Gabe, but she is dating a nice man who wants a family with her. But her plan is derailed when Elly runs into Gabe; however, he is not the same man that she walked away from. This Gabe is more mature and caring to patients. Elly doesn’t know what to attribute the changes to, but Gabe does. He is now the father of toddler triplets. Elly is initially upset, but understanding once she hears the full story. Although they decide to "just be friends", it is not long before they are back in bed and each other’s hearts. The short flashbacks of their previous romance are both sweet and heart wrenching. The past haunting this couple feels so real, that at times it is difficult to imagine that they will be able to work out their differences. These are two flawed characters both regretting the past and working hard for a better future and realizing that they will always be stronger together. 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne