Image of Single-Dad Sheriff


Image of Single-Dad Sheriff
When Sheriff Garrett McQuire's son, Rory, goes to work for new llama ranch owner Samantha Weston, Garrett decides to check out the attractive ranch owner himself. Although immediately attracted to Samantha, Garrett's determined to find out what she's hiding when she seems to have a little bit more money than makes him comfortable. He soon learns that Samantha isn't exactly what she seems, but it's too late for his heart. Amy Frazier's Single-Dad Sheriff (4) is a fun story with an interesting and novel concept. Frazier's research is apparent in her descriptions of the llamas and their care. Her story is a bit old-fashioned -- a strong man helps a woman -- but Samantha's problems and her background, as well as Garrett's prejudices, make it unique.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay