Image of Single Father, Surprise Prince!


Image of Single Father, Surprise Prince!
SINGLE FATHER, SURPRISE PRINCE! (2) by Raye Morgan: Former Army Ranger Joe Tanner has no idea he’s royalty until Kelly Vrosis starts stalking him. Kelly works for an agency supporting the Ambrians in exile and her research has convinced her that Tanner is really Prince Cassius, who as a young child was smuggled from his homeland after a revolution. But the widowed Joe only cares about making a home for his baby, Mei. With a royal funeral planned, Kelly fears for Joe’s safety. In protecting themselves from those who would exploit his royal blood and harm him, Joe and Kelly find that their growing bond will save them and little Mei. While almost a fairy tale, Morgan’s latest in The Lost Princes of Ambria series falls short of enchanting.
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison